Episode 12 : The Lost Boys

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It's been a while since Phil & Sarah affected their best radio voices and waxed lyrical on the subject of movies, for a variety of reasons that we won't bore you with here. Itching to get back into our podcasting seats though, we're back with Episode 12, reviewing 1987's classic Joel Schumacher's The Lost Boys!

Join us as we leave no stone unturned in our quest to figure out just why this 80's cheese-a-thon is so popular, taking some time to chat about the soundtrack, the effects and that greased up, shirtless saxophone player.

To kick us off though, we spend some time exhausting the topic of vampire movies, continuing from where we left off on the Fright Night show, this time concentrating on modern vamps post-2000. We're sure we've left out some corkers so please do leave a comment if you think there are some fanged classics that we've ignored!

Until next time, stay spooky,
Sarah & Phil.